Glass Art

Glass Art

Anchor Lead: Kent State University is home to a variety of art degrees that can obtained upon the completion of a four year program. But one specific study within the field of art might catch your more than any other. Reporter Jake Young has the story.[bbrvideo]BBR_Young_S6_Glass[/bbrvideo]


Nothing that is held within the same building as both Parking Services and the Bursar Office can possible be interesting, right?

Established in the late 60’s, the glass shop at Kent State University permits students of all ages to hone in and perfect the art of glass sculpting.

Associate professor of art and the leader of the glass program Sean Mercer explains what one can accomplish within the studios confines.

“We blow glass, learn how to cut grind and make molds for casting. It’s a lot of different kinds of things that glass can be used as for an artistic material.”

The Bachelors of Art degree program in Glass offers students a more generalized course of study and the opportunity to pursue a minor.

In order to be cut out for the glass program offered by Kent State, students are challenged to think critically about which techniques are best able to communicate their own artistic ideas.

Mercer is optimistic that his program will lead on to bigger and better things:

“There is a whole range of possibilities and they are all still related in their studies.”

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