Speeding myth debunked

Speeding myth debunked

How close do you stay to the speed limit? Kent Police reveal the speeds to which they’ll pull you over, to debunk the myth that cops will write you up for one or two over the limit. Stefanie will tell you her ride-along experience.



There is an ongoing myth in Kent that the police are notorious for stopping drivers for one or two miles over the speed limits.

I went on a ride a long with Sergeant Jim Ennemoser to find out if there was any truth to the rumor.

Ennemoser patrols the streets Thursday through Sundays, 4-11 p.m. He said the average speed of drivers is 5-7 miles per hour over the limit but he doesn’t pull them over.

During the 4-hour ride along, Sergeant Ennemoser only stopped one car for speeding. The driver was going 50mph in a 25mph speed limit zone. The proof is in the pudding.

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