Truckin’ for food

Truckin’ for food

ANCHOR INTRO: With the temperatures warming up, many people enjoy the nice weather. Students on Kent State University’s campus walk to class and find food.  Twenty-four dining halls on campus offer students food options. Some students may not know one unique place to get food. Our own Thea Emroll finds the food.



Come and get it!

Food on Kent State University’s campus offers many choices for students.

Twenty-four dining halls on Kent State’s campus serve students daily.

One unique place on campus does the same, but it doesn’t stay in one spot.

The Fork in the Road food truck has been on Kent State’s campus for one full school year. It started with the idea from Chef Gaylor, but unfortunately passed away around 13 months ago.

Chef Christian Booher takes charge of the food truck. He works with nine dining services employees on the truck. Booher loves working on it.

“It’s been a whole new experience for me. So it’s just been another…another part of the food business,” Booher said.  “Something that I’ve never done before.”

Business continues to increase as steady lunchtime buyers come to eat. Booher’s busiest day was writing 196 checks for lunch.

According to the National Association of College and University Food Services, food trucks increase popularity to nearly 100 food trucks drive around college campuses across the country.

Freshman speech pathology and audiology major Taylor Titus, who has been to the food truck before, likes it on campus.

“I just like the whole set up and the idea of how they… I don’t know of how they did the whole idea of the truck thing outside of classes,” said Titus. “It makes it easier. It makes it faster if I want to go back to my dorm.”

The food truck on campus even has a twitter account for students to follow it wherever it goes. The account tweets out when and where the food truck will be for the day.

Unlike the Kent State’s campus, other college campuses don’t have this food option.

At the University of Cincinnati, people walk to the food court doors to walk into the eatery.

Students here only have three dining halls on campus: Center Court, Stadium Food Café and Market Pointe.

Resident Advisor of Morgen’s Hall Douglas Flick says a food truck would be a good idea on UC’s campus.

“Yes it would be nice over here where there’s not any food places at all so you wouldn’t have to trek as far across campus,” Flick said.

Moving back to Kent State’s campus, the food truck conveniently takes meal plan money so students like these don’t have to pay out of pocket.

Be sure to look out for tweets from the food truck to see where it stops next.



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