Warren Brings Pride

Warren Brings Pride

Anchor Intro: Today the Kent State Baseball Team began a double header at 3 o’clock… and normally a game at this time on a weekday would cause a dip in attendance, but today was different. TV2 Reporter Max Fleck has the story on what faculty member is planning on making sure the ballpark stays full.



Today the Golden Flashes began a double header at 3’clock, and at a time that could usually signify playing in front of empty stands, it was actually quite the opposite. One of those in the stands today was University President, Beverly Warren.

“We’ve had our attendance really spike over the last few years, it was really great to see. Today was really special,” says Ty Linder, Director of Broadcasting at Kent State, “I certainly don’t recall on this job, the university president interacting with the fan base, interacting with the players and coaches the way Dr. Warren did today and several members of her cabinet did. That was really special.”

Since coming taking over the Kent presidency job 10 months ago, Warren has emphasized the importance of school spirit and pride.

“School Spirit is so important. We’re learning to build community and to work together for a common goal.”

It’s not just about showing up to the games and talking to students either, Warren has plans for next year on how to listen to the students and hear how they think school spirit can be improved.

“Next year I want to have a student advisory group that helps me better understand their thinking, your thinking, about how we can improve school spirit, school pride, the culture of the university, how we treat each other with civility and respect, I think you’ll have the great ideas.”


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