Using the Arts to Your Advantage

Using the Arts to Your Advantage

Kent State students have less than a month of classes, final projects and tests before summer vacation. Unfortunately, most people have a difficult time relaxing and winding down at this point in the semester. TV2’s Lauren Buchanan explored how the arts can clear your mind.

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Freshman theater studies major Jazmin Brooks doesn’t mind performing in front of a crowd. It probably comes easily because she came from a family of twelve and always had an audience.

That audience encouraged Brooks to pursue what she is passionate about: music and theater.

Freshman Jazmin Brooks confidently performed at Verder Hall's Soundfest event.
Freshman Jazmin Brooks confidently performed at Verder Hall’s Soundfest event.

Last week, Jazmin and the rest of her dorm, Verder Hall, became connected during Living Arts Week. Students had the chance to explore every medium of art, no matter what their major is. The week concluded with a talent show called Soundfest, where Brooks confidently performed a song from “Les Miserables.”

“It’s not only something I love. It’s not only a stress-reliever. It’s just something that you get emotionally connected to. Music is just something that everyone gets connected to.” -Jazmin Brooks

Verder Hall Director Tiffany Tyree encourages not just her residents, but everyone to utilize the arts to relax before finals week.

Tyree said, “I think art is a great opportunity for students to, one, have a stress-reliever but also just to enjoy the community, enjoy their friends around, have a good time…doing stuff we did back in the day when we were kids.”

Even Kent State President Lester Lefton expressed in his last e-mail to students how important the arts are. Lefton stated, “I can’t think of a better ‘time out’ than attending an uplifting concert, a thought provoking art exhibit, a visually stunning fashion show, or a Broadway-caliber play.”

The arts are in full bloom this month in the Kent State community. Be sure to check out the “Spring for the Arts” events going on right now through April 27th.

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