Students choose healthy food

Students choose healthy food


College students choose from a wide variety of food option, but the Mindful program at Kent State University helps students to pick out the nutritious value in foods.

The dining halls in Eastway, Kent Market 2 and Prentice use signs to draw attention to the Mindful program.

University Dietitian, Megan Cascaldo, says the icons represent different food options and the apple icon represents an overall healthy option.

In Eastway, the market holds a Boar’s Head sandwich station. Students pay for their sandwiches with the ingredients they choose to eat.

University Dining Services Eastway Manager, Sue Huvzar, says the Boar’s Head station uses lean meats and dark greens as healthy options.

Apples, bananas and oranges also make a healthy snack for students who want to improve their eating habits.

When students find food on campus, they know what foods to shop for with a mindful outlook for a healthy eating lifestyle.

I’m Thea Emroll for Broadcast Beat Reporting.

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