Student Focused Campus

Student Focused Campus



The Library, The Hub, Kent Market 2…The Esplanade and the Cyber Café…Empty hallways, classrooms and lounges. What is a university without its students but an infrastructure put in place to take up space?

As an institution of higher learning since 1910, Kent State University has always    done its best to ensure that the graduation and continued success of its students.

So much so, that newest President Dr. Beverly Warren understands the importance of implementing a “student first” policy on campus and making it a priority.

Student-Teacher relationships are often times key in the development and retention of students from kindergarten all the way through college. These relationships foster environments that encourage growth, achievements and social development in students both in and outside of the classroom.

According to “Retaining Students in Classes: Putting Theory into Everyday Practices,” by Dr. Laura Saret, pupils who have frequent positive contact with faculty members less likely to drop out.” “Positive relationships between students and educators can provide motivation, initiative and engagement which are essential for success” says Sean Beckers Positive Student-Teacher Relationships.

The question is however, how many of Kent’s faculty members are taking the initiative to make certain Kent is a “student-focused” campus without being told to do so?

For Broadcast Beat Reporting I’m Savanna McCarthy.

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