Searching for Parking Spaces

Searching for Parking Spaces

When you think of Kent State University you probably think of a large campus with lots of buildings and parking lots to go along with them. But you would be surprised on how all of these parking lots on campus fill up so quickly. TV2’s Pamela Marotta shows us how students feel about parking at KSU.

[bbrvideo width=”350″ float=”left” caption=”Finding a parking space on campus at Kent State is only half the frustration to students”]BBR_01a_Marotta_ParkingAtKent[/bbrvideo]

You may have a hard time finding a parking space at Kent State. It has become a daily routine for some students to search for a parking space on campus. Parking lots on Midway and Terrace Drive are the more popular lots at Kent compared to others. Some students  have no choice but to park in a lot that is far away from their class buildings because those lots are always filled.

The Kent State Parking Director Larry Emling tells us how students should not waste time looking for a parking space when the music and speech parking lots always have parking spaces available.


 Nobody wants to walk and that’s human nature whether its a student or faculty staff member and I’m no different.–Larry Emling

The 11,500  parking spaces on campus does not match up to the amount of students enrolled. Kent State is a large campus with an enrollment of approximately 27,000 students. This is a problem because the enrollment of students is only increasing every year.

Kent State is working on upcoming changes to create more parking lots on campus to resolve this problem.





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