No In- House Competition

No In- House Competition

Musical theatre is a very competitive field, where your friends are your competition. What happens when you’re not only friends in musical theatre but you are roommates? Reporter Raven Fulton has the story.


Nora Culley and Kayla Hendry enter their apartment, just across the road from the Performing Arts Center. Kayla’s room is unusually cluttered with clothes. And a empty suitcase sits in the middle of the room.

The two senior musical theatre majors recently got back from the Musical Theatre Showcase. The seniors have to go through an audition process before hand to see who was ready for the showcase.

All 20 of the students including two graduate students were able to go on the trip. Within those 20 students were Nora and Kayla.

You would think being in musical theatre, all your friends within the major are competition. That’s not the case in this group of seniors.

” It’s really hard to find a group of theatre people where there’s not a little bit jealousy happening. But everyone is so supportive of each other and I am so glad I can truly say that and not lie” says Kayla.

Even as roommates Nora and Kayla feel that they aren’t each others competition. With Kayla being more of a dancer and receiving younger roles and Nora keeping the triple threat going and receiving more mature roles, they are basically complete opposites.

The seniors will be moving to New York to enter the world of theatre. Though these girl will no longer be roommates they will still always be there for each other.




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