New Store in Acorn Alley

New Store in Acorn Alley

Anchor Intro: For years Kent has gotten a reputation as a college town, but in an effort to break that mold businesses have been added downtown left and right. And coming this Summer, one business will be bringing something new to the city. TV2 reporter Max Fleck has what makes this new business so unique.


Coming this June, the City of Kent will be seeing a new business downtown that will bring something different to what’s become known as a college town… an artisan cheese store.

“I’m real excited, it’s a lot different than a lot of the other retail stores we’ve done.”

Michelle Sahr is the owner of Kent Cheesemongers, a store that will be located on 155 East Erie Street in Acorn Alley. Featuring cheeses that are made right here in Kent at Lucky Penny Farms. Kent Cheesemongers will also be importing cheeses from all over the world and to go along with that, beer, wine,  and assorted meats will also be served, along with classes that teach the intricacies of cheese.

It’s the kind of store that Sahr herself loves to go to.

“One of my favorite things to do when I go to other towns is look for a cheese shop and find the great artisan cheeses they have, so I think it’s a great fit for Kent.”

If you follow the esplanade from Acorn Alley you’ll end up at Kent State University, full of students on meal plans, and they still seemed incredibly upbeat about this store.

When asked if she would go to Kent Cheesemongers, Freshman Sabrina Sloan answered, “Cheese and wines awesome, so it’s be fun to go there on the weekends.”

And for others like Freshman Nate DiPietro, having a cheese store close will just remind him of home.

“I’m a big fan of smoked cheeses and stuff like that, and my mom always brought back cheese.”

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