New Kent police building to arrive November 2016

New Kent police building to arrive November 2016



You might be used to seeing the old, run-down Kent police station located on South Water Street.

What you’re not used to seeing is the condition of the interior of the building.

Lieutenant James Prusha feels that this station is not a stable and efficient work environment for the officers and the prisoners.

There are holes in the ceiling above the desks, the offices are in an area full of foot traffic, the evidence room is too small, there is no storage space, the locker room is leaning against a bowing exterior wall, even the staircase isn’t properly finished!

Prusha said the wiring isn’t done correctly, there are leaks everywhere and the pipes throughout the building often become backed up.

The jail is outdated and below the standard.

Fortunately for the Kent police task force a new building will be arriving in November of 2016.

It will reside on the southeast corner of State Route 59 and South Depeyster Street. The city is in the process of acquiring the properties in the area to prepare for demolition.

The approved and improved building renderings are available for viewing on

Lieutenant Prusha is very anxious to move in a station that is modern and nice. An upgrade from where they work now.

I’m Stefanie Kilnapp for Broadcast Beat Reporting.

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