Undergraduate Student Leader

Undergraduate Student Leader


They say there’s a place where everyone gets their start.

For Marvin Logan it was here, at Subway.

Marvin became a popular fixture here in the Student Center through his work at Subway, and constant involvement in student organizations, but he has made home here at the helm of Undergraduate Student Government.

Marvin Logan is the Executive Director, and he’s here for the students.

Although Marvin’s collegiate career began as a hurdler for the Kent State Golden Flashes.

Though, the now Executive Director tells me “Student Government was always apart of the plan.”

Set to graduate after the Spring semester. Marvin still has work to do.

He plans to expand USG outreach and leadership development, as well as increase student representation and improve in cultural diversity.

Through all of the adversity, Marvin Logan prevailed.

I’m Justin McKinney for Broadcast Beat Reporting.

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