New Major Lets Dance Students Take Positive Risks

New Major Lets Dance Students Take Positive Risks

The Kent State Dance department added a new major in September. This means that they are trying to recruit incoming freshmen. TV2’s Lauren Buchanan took a look at the new major and why a lot of current students have decided to pursue it.

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Senior Marcia Custer is ready to graduate and follow her dream to own her own dance company.

Custer has had an outstanding dance career and she has not even earned her degree yet. She has performed in Cleveland and proudly choreographed her capstone project.

Marcia Custer will be one of the first Kent State students to graduate with a Dance Studies degree.

There is one thing that will make Custer stand out at graduation among the sea of black caps and gowns: She will be one of the first to graduate with a Dance Studies degree.

“Dance Studies enables you to explore other parts of academia” -Senior Dance Studies Major Marcia Custer

Dance Studies is a bachelor’s program that is more timely than a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Students who pursue this degree have the opportunity to expand their knowledge in other areas such as business, psychology, and nutrition.

The Dance Studies degree and curriculum was just established in September 2013, which means that KSU’s dance department needs creative marketing to recruit incoming freshman.

Surprisingly, recruiting current students has been easy because of one selling factor: time.

Associate Dance Professor Andrea Shearer said, “We wanted to provide greater flexibility for our students.”

That flexibility gives dance students several opportunities that they wouldn’t have had with a Bachelors of Fine Arts.

Dance students can now study abroad, pick up a minor, and graduate on time.

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