Kent State University Main campus vs regional campuses

Kent State University Main campus vs regional campuses

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When choosing the college to attend there are many factors students need to consider. One of them is how close to home do you really want to be?
Many universities, including Kent State University, have regional branches of their campus; community colleges. These branches are closer to many small town students’ homes which makes it more convenient for them to travel to classes.
A main reason early childhood education student Lennon Hayes moved from KSU’s main campus, after three years there, to their regional campus in Salem, Ohio was a money issue.
“I saved about 16,000 dollars in tuition payments after transferring campuses.” Lennon says. Many students attend regional campuses strictly for money issues.  

“If money isn’t an issue, look into the main campus.”

Not all students do it strictly for money issues, though. Many students who want to go to college don’t want to be that far from their families. In those cases, the regional campuses are perfect with their close to home distance.
Psychology major Jordan Ungashick says she transferred to the KSU Salem campus because it was closer to where she was living at the time.

Kent State Main and Salem campus student Jordan Ungashick
Kent State Main and Salem campus student Jordan Ungashick

“It was easier, quicker, and cheaper to travel to the Salem campus from where I lived than to drive to the main campus.” Jordan says.
Regional campuses are also seen as a better learning environment for some students, including Jordan.
“Honestly, I believe that Salem may have helped me as a student more. Just because the class size was smaller and it was just more of a one-on-one experience.”
When asked, Lennon disagreed with Jordan’s statement, claiming she herself found the opportunities on campus to be more helpful while being a student.
“There was tutoring, and help everywhere.” She says.
You could compare the pros and cons of regional campuses and the main campus of your college choice all day. In the end it’s what makes you, as a student, more comfortable in your learning environment.

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