Candy brings Easter spirit

Candy brings Easter spirit

ANCHOR INTRO: The Easter season has come and gone, but the tradition of buying chocolate remains the same. One store chocolate store in Dayton, Ohio is known for its chocolate.  Our own Thea Emroll gives us a taste of the chocolate candy and the price that comes with it.



“Esther Price is a good place to come for it and it’s a Dayton tradition,”  resident of Washington Township Kathy Rotterman said.

Esther Price Chocolates is a Cincinnati-Dayton favorite.  The store originally got its start in 1930 with Esther. The famous red ribboned gold box filled with assorted chocolates still made its way to the shelves.

This past weekend, customers had more reason to shop inside the store.

Customers purchased all types of goodies for Easter Sunday. Easter baskets, Easter bunnies, chocolate flavored eggs, jelly beans and much more filled the store.

Esther Price is known to be busy between Thanksgiving and the Christmas season, but when the Easter season rolls around Good Friday is its single busiest day of the year.

“We get customers out fast and we hear that a lot from the customers that the line goes a lot faster than what you think,” Assistant Manager Cindy Wolfe said.

This Esther Price store alone sold more than $25,000 in Easter candy.

One six ounce solid chocolate bunny contains 242 at $5.

The candy tastes good, but the price to pay is your wallet and your health.

Kent State University health professor Jamie Matthews said quality is better than quantity.

“So everybody gets five or ten eggs and pay $3 or $4 versus a bag where everyone’s only going to get one or two eggs, but the quality is much better for the same amount of money. We live in a society where we feel this is better. It’s more bargain.”

So when the Easter season rolls around again, looking at the ingredients on the nutrition label helps customers to know what to look for when buying chocolate.

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