Seniors Receive Final Critiques

Seniors Receive Final Critiques

Anchor Intro: Fashion Design seniors presented a thesis for a B.F.A degree to three judges from the fashion industry.


Fashion Design major seniors showcase a collection of work and present a thesis for a B.F.A. degree. Three judges from the fashion industry critiqued 18 senior’s collections.

Each critique lasted 20 to 30 minutes. The judges critiqued color, texture and the style of each designer.

Senior Paige Wickersham focused on sustainability. The design of her collection was based on recycled materials. According to Wickersham, one of the items in her collection was her mother’s wedding dress.

“My whole collection is based on how can I prevent quality goods from being sent to Africa or from being thrown away or burned because American consumerism is very big right now.

Each student presented three to five items to the judges for review. Prior to submission, seniors will decide if they want to pursue a B.A. or B.F.A.

According to Fashion Design senior Jenna Furpahs, fashion should be more playful than serious.

“I use a lot of print and color. It is similar to children wear.”

The collections will be featured in the upcoming fashion show in April.

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