BSR Baseball Broadcasts

BSR Baseball Broadcasts

Anchor Intro: Black Squirrel radio is the only station to broadcast live sports, we sent reporter Jamie Dillon out to see what exactly they do and are looking for.


Black Squirrel Radio is actively looking to help recruit students to help join their broadcast of live sports. Baseball season is here and they are looking to get anyone they can to help.

“Boston Bob” as they call him at the station says that it is fun and relaxing to enjoy on a nice afternoon at the ball yard.

“I love baseball and I love to talk, why not combine the two?” Bob said.

Sports director at the station Nick Hershey is welcoming of anyone that is willing and interested in broadcasting to get involved.

Hershey said, “It is a lot of fun and some of the most fun that I have had at Kent State up to this point.”

Black Squirrel radio offers the unique experience to get behind the mic and broadcast your passion for sports.

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