A Weekend of Celebration

A Weekend of Celebration

ANCHOR INTRO: Kent State University holds numerous events throughout the year, but perhaps non as important as Lil’ Sibs Weekend. It’s an opportunity for students to reconnect with their families. Reporter Justin McKinney has more…


Lil’ Sibs Weekend is an event run by Kent’s Interhall Council that allows students little siblings to visit campus and stay for the weekend.

It’s an event that allows families to reconnect and spend quality time together after being apart due to the strenuous semester.

This annual weekend tradition has been going on for 34 years, and is already set for a 35th.

It may not mean much to some students, but for Deonte’ Brown it means the world. Deonte’ is a junior Electronic Media Production major who hails from Cincinnati, and doesn’t get to see his family for the whole semester.

“Seeing them have a great time in the same presence of them, something I really don’t get to do, that’s all I cared about and that brought me a type of joy I can’t feel from anybody else. I can only get that from them.” said Brown.

With the time spent together Deonte’ can’t wait to see his siblings again. He, like every student on campus, deserves to see their family and spend quality time together.

Lil’ Sibs Weekend is a tradition that will remain on Kent State’s campus for years to come, because it allows students to reconnect with their roots.


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