Karaoke In Quaker

Karaoke In Quaker

Looking for a fun way to spend your weekends on campus? How about karaoke in a chicken wing restaurant? Jacob Derwin tells us more.


Every Friday night is Karaoke Night at the Kent State Quaker Steak & Lube. While most patrons are there for a late dinner, some come to sing their hearts out.

Yazmin Zoe Ali-Reed, who ran the event by herself last Friday night, says there are a few regular performers who are always ready to get on stage.

“April just went!” Yazmin told me as a woman walked off the stage at the back of the restaurant.

Freshman April Hoeffluer comes to do karaoke every Friday night. Unlike most of her peers, she says she does not mind the crowds and the strangers watching her. She is there to sing. 

“If you really like to sing, suck it up and do it!” -April Hoeffluer

“I’ve done choir since elementary school… throughout high school, I’ve done a semester here [at Kent] too,” April said.  “Karaoke’s just fun… there’s a lot of diversity – I like the different music here.”

April showed up on a random Friday night not realizing she was about to start a weekly tradition. And to those too afraid to get on the Quaker stage, April says this:

“If you really like to sing, suck it up and do it!”

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