Bowling Provides Opportunity

Bowling Provides Opportunity

Anchor: The Portage Trails Conference is home to hundreds of student athletes.

Anchor Two: But some of the sports these athletes play may take you by surprise. Our Max Fleck has a look at one of those sports, and what separates it from the rest.




It’s well documented that the citizens of Portage County love their football. You could almost call it a way of life. Nine times out of 10 the stands will be packed and that’s no surprise, but one sport in the Portage Trails Conference draws almost as many fans, and its one you’d never expect…. Bowling.


But what makes bowling different than any other sport in the PTC?


Susan Jenior: “Absolutely anybody could do it. We have a lot of kids that are outstanding athletes in other sports, but we also have a lot of bowlers and athletes that this is the only sport that they participate in.


STANDUP: Bowling is different than any other sport in the PTC because anybody can do it. Where not all kids are gifted enough to play football, or even care to, anybody can pick up a bowling ball.


That anybody being Crestwood’s Jake Yates. Although he says he could be average at all the other sports, bowling is just more fun.


Jake Yeattes: “It’s a leisure sport, let’s be honest. It’s fun. You can have a good time, mess around, travel everywhere. Every other sport you do the same thing every other day. With bowling, you change.”


That’s the great thing about bowling. It gives every student a chance to be an athlete and really just have a good time doing it. But that doesn’t mean bowling isn’t any less competitive than any other sport.


Sean Dockery: “We win a lot, we pride ourselves on that, and back when I was in school they won 4 in a row, we’re just trying to keep the tradition going.”


A little gem in the Portage County, bowling gives anyone and everyone a chance to be part of a team and compete.


Reporting for TV2 News, I’m Max Fleck.

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