CVNP’s new addition

CVNP’s new addition

Anchor Lead: There’s a new owner of a piece of property, but it’s not who you may think it is. TV2’s Patrick Shade has the details.


Hundreds of cars travel on West Hines Hill Road in Boston Township daily, without realizing they’re passing the newest addition to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

The National Park Service is now the owner of 30 acres of land, which was surrounded entirely by the CVNP prior to its acquisition.

Dennis Hamm, Land Resources Manager with the CVNP, explained the importance of the recent purchase.

Hamm: “It was a long term objective of the National Park Service to acquire this property, and again it insures protection of that forested area and certainly allows for, you know again, development of resources, so it’s an important project among many.”

Although a short-term effect was the National Park Service taking ownership of the property, the long-term effect for that property and every piece of land that the National Park Service buys is preserving it for the rest of their life.

Ken Wood is the Director of Communications and Marketing for the Western Reserve Land Conservancy, which located a source of funding to make the acquisition of the property come to life. Wood talked about the mission of the WRLC.

Wood: “We are always working strategically to preserve land, and when that dovetails with a park district or the National Park Service, we want to be the facilitator and help make that happen, and we’ve been able to do that successfully in this case, and some others too.”

As for when work will begin on demolishing the vacant house, Hamm told me that there is no exact timetable just yet.

For TV2KSU, I’m Patrick Shade.

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