Back Off?

Back Off?

Anchor Intro: The relationship between a student and teacher is one that can lead to success in almost every area of life. That relationship becomes even more important once a student has reached the college level.



When walking into the Hub of Kent State University the first and most visible thing you see is students. From standing in lines at various restaurants, to sitting at tables chatting with one another and even surfing the web on their laptops, The Hub serves as one of the epicenters of student life here on Kent State campus.

What’s unexpected is the when walking into the Hub is to see a faculty member sitting at a student table interacting as if this is where he belongs.

Dr. Keith Wisdom, Interim Director of AALANA initiatives, has done his best since being hired only two years ago, to make himself as accessible to students as possible.

“The Reason I open up and have students open up to me in the way that they do and in the way that I do is because I believe in the moment. It is the central core of my life.”

From going to student held events, acting as a mentor to many, and continuing to be a light in other’s lives, Doc has always been a listening ear and shoulder to cry on. His actions are the complete embodiment of what President Warren has outlined in her action plan to create a more student focused campus.

But what do you say when higher ups tell you to minimize the amount of contact you have with students?

“I will pull back, and the effect will be that things have changed. We will interact differently.”

With these kinds of expectations being handed out down to faculty where does that leave the student? And what does it mean to have that kind of relationship that is now being taken away?

“I would say the academic experience will be slighted.”

For Broadcast Beat Reporting I’m Savanna McCarthy

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