WKSU Fund Drive

WKSU Fund Drive


WKSU’s Fund drive helps the station provide money to the station to help it running, here is Jamie Dillon with the story.

Natural Sound: Host Telling the phone number to the listeners

WKSU, a non-profit radio station held a fund drive this past weekend, to help get money to help keep the station running. Volunteers come in and take pledges from people in the community. Senior receptionist Maranda Shrewsberry told me what the Fund Drive meant to her.

Interview One: “People gripe about pitches, but they are actually really help the station. It really is important to me so that I can meet the volunteers.

Standup: WKSU is a non-profit organization that relies on the funds from the volunteers to help keep the station running.

WKSU’s shows make pitches during their shows during the day to get pledges from members. Director of External Affairs Mark Syroney said how public radio is different than regular.

Interview 2 “Public Radio is not that way at all, it relies on the shows it’s all about the shows and how we report the local and national news.”

WKSU continues to rely on members of the community to help keep the station running. For Kent’s TV2 I am Jamie Dillon

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