Free Blue Books

Free Blue Books

ANCHOR INTRO: It is midterms week on Kent State University’s campus, and that means students are neck deep in exams. Some students will be responsible for a small examination booklet called a Blue Book that is sold for 35 cents in the campus bookstore. Though these booklets cost little to nothing at all, Kent State USG saw an opportunity to help its students. Reporter Justin McKinney has the story.


“That was the sound of someone buying a Blue Book at Kent State University’s bookstore.”

“A Blue Book is an examination booklet that is used at Kent State University. It is 8. By 7 inches, has 16 pages to write on, and allows professors to have their students bring their own essay booklets instead of attaching one to the exam. 35 cents doesn’t seem like much, but that’s what a Blue Book costs and over an extended period of time it can add up.”

RON: “I think Blue Books should be free to all students.”

“That was Ron Exline a Junior Business Management major here at Kent State University. He has to use Blue Books on a regular basis, and he says there is only one place he’ll go to get the booklets.”

RON: “I got to the USG office I believe it is, because they have free Blue Books. I don’t go to the bookstore because why pay 35 cents when it’s free another 30 feet down the hallway.”

STAND UP BRIDGE: “The bookstore used to be the only place students could find Blue Books, and they weren’t free of charge. Now there is a cheaper solution, just steps away at USG’s office there is a whole stack free for the taking.”

“Free blue books are not a new thing here on Kent’s campus. Marvin Logan the elected leader of USG tells me they have been buying the blue Books for about 10 years as apart of the readership program, which also provides free newspapers for students on campus. Logan also said hat students already pay for them through their activity fee, so USG wanted to help their students save a few dollars.”

MARVIN: “That’s one less things students have to worry about, it helps alleviate some stress, and it’s a way you know you can put some change back into your pocket.”

“Even though the Bookstore sells them for 35 cents to the dollar, USG wants you to save your change… For TV2 KSU, I’m Justin McKinney.”

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