Williams’ working ways

Williams’ working ways

ANCHOR INTRO: Working a job on a college campus creates job opportunities for students. One student employee at Kent State University plans her future just by working in dining services. Reporter Thea Emroll clocks into Raniese Williams’ shift.


Reporter VO: Entering the Eastway Market walking and picking up items, shelves stacked with food and employees at work. More than 90 employees work here in the Eastway Market. One employee loves working for dining services. Meet Raniese Williams. She’s a sophomore human development and family studies major. Williams started working here back in February of 2014. She works as a cashier, bagger, sandwich maker at Boar’s Head in the corner and comes here to Jazzman’s to make hot or cold drinks for customers. Out of all these jobs Williams says she likes to work at Jazzman’s

SOT: “I love making smoothies. Any types of smoothies. I think they’re fun. I don’t know why I just like pouring them in and mixing them up.”

Reporter VO: Williams says she’s grateful for her job.

SOT: “I really appreciate the job opportunity because I don’t know a lot of like…I don’t know a lot of like campuses like I have friends at different colleges and I feel like I might be one of the few that actually work. So like I appreciate the job opportunities that was created.”

STANDUP: Williams and her co-workers can work up to 25 hours per week, but Williams adds something extra to her shift.

Reporter VO: Student Manager of Eastway John Soros describes how well Williams works at her job and with her co-workers.

SOT: “It’s good having her. She’s really nice. She’s energetic. She’s professional. She’s fun to work with.”

Reporter VO: One thing Williams can take away from work is helping people.

SOT: “If I could work like at a women’s shelter or um create my own after-school program um help kids that need things. Help mothers that need stuff.

Reporter track close: With that, Williams knows her main goal after college. For TV2KSU, I’m Thea Emroll.

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