What is Print Beat?

What is Print Beat?

Print Beat is a class offered at Kent State for journalism students. The Students write stories for the Kent State newspaper and work on becoming better writers. We sent Jamie Dillon to actually find out what goes on in Print beat.


Each year, print journalist students have had to take Print Beat. It is a class that students have the opportunity to take to help fine tune their skills.

Student media advisor and associate professor Mitch McKenny explained how the class works with the Kent State newspaper.

“Our goal is to have the students work end up in the newspaper if the editors like what they are seeing, which is the end goal of what we want,” McKenny said.

Sophomore, Jessica Darling, had doubts coming into the class and was unsure of what to think when the semester started.

“I had was scared, I had heard horror stories and bad reviews about the class,” Darling said.

Print beat will continue to serve as a class for students to help improve their skills and find out exactly what a newsroom is really like with deadlines.

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