Warren’s Winter Wonderland

Warren’s Winter Wonderland

As Old Man Winter rolls in, he brings with him a season of shopping, decorating, and giving. Spiros Tempelis has more on how one Warren man, has put his own twist on the three.

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Rob Readman of Howland Township in Warren, Ohio has been putting up holiday lights at his current home since 2011. Each year Readman’s production has gotten bigger and better, with no end in sight.

Readman’s home sits at the intersection of Howland Wilson Road, and Altura Drive, and frequently draws visitors due to his spectacular light display.

“I’m not doing it for show. I got the landscape so I can do it. It takes a good landscape.”

He even has a preferred technique, which is stuffing the tree from the inside out with lights, rather than your basic wrap around technique.

Upon returning home on multiple occasions Readman has had to wait for spectators to pull out of his drive way, just so he can pull in.

But Readman doesn’t mind, and encourages any who would like to see his display to do just that.

Readman’s display has between 600,000-700,00 lights, which in turn, runs up his electric bill to just over a thousand dollars throughout the holiday season.

I got to ask passerby Laney Holloway why she stopped and she plainly stated, “It makes me feel all Christmas-y.”

Readman’s home has even been featured on www.NortheastOhioLights.com as a must see spot, in Trumbull County.

Readman plans on continuing the tradition for years to come, and even has his eyes on a bigger prize;

The massive unlit tree in the middle of the yard.

Next year Readman plans to possibly rent a lift, and light the majority of the tree. Now that, would be a sight to see.

For TV2 News, I’m Spiros Tempelis.

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