University offers unique courses

University offers unique courses

It’s the time of the year when students schedule classes for their spring semester. Even though many students take classes all geared toward their major, some still have room for a few extra general electives. TV2’s Paige Katrinchak reports… there are some unique and different classes for Kent State students to take.

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Students at Kent State are able to break the chain of going to classes for their major by signing up for general electives courses. However, the university does have some interesting and unique courses to offer.

In the back of the MAC annex you can hear the sound of pop music coming from the gym. This marks one class’ presence in the building as they merengue and cha-cha to today’s popular songs. Students are able to sign up to take ballroom dancing during the weekdays.

Kent offers courses ranging from badminton, to courses on wine, to ballroom dancing. International relations major Kevin Farlow said he took ballroom dancing from his own enjoyment, but you never know when it may come in handy.

“It breaks the chain of classes where you go in, sit down, and listen to someone speak for an hour and a half,” Farlow said. “Here we’re up and doing things for two hours. It’s a lot of fun and way more hands on.”

Even though some of these courses are a way to take a break form sitting in a classroom or reading a textbook, they can still be beneficial.

Director of university advising Steven Antalvari said he likes the general elective courses because they allow students to learn about what personally interests them, while still having an impacting message.

“Just like that Zombie Outbreak. Great class, fun, hands on, but there is still something that you are going to take away,” Antalvari said.

Antalvari also said students from any major, even nursing, still have a chance to take these courses. However, they may only be able to take one or two.

Other unique courses offered are Will Ferrell, glass blowing, zombie outbreak, international cuisine, and vampires on TV and film. The zombie outbreak course is offered through the College of Public Health and teaches students about potential disease outbreak and how to handle dangerous situations.

The Will Ferrell is just one of the courses taught by professor Ronald Russo. He also teaches a course on Adam Sandler, as well as a course on Adult Swim.

To find these courses and more, students can check flyers on bulletin boards, talk to other students, or look up courses on the Kent State website.

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