The best Valentine gift

The best Valentine gift

It’s that time of year again folks. Have you thought about what your getting you’re sweetheart for Valentines Day. Well look no further our reporter Garrett Pelz has the scoop.

[bbrvideo width=”350″ float=”left” caption=”Kent State’s Men’s Chorus is at it again this season with Valentunes.”]BBR_01A_Garrett_Valentunes[/bbrvideo]

This Valentines day give the gift of giving to the one you love. If you have forgotten about the holiday and thought maybe you should try to see if your beloved forgets. Think otherwise and go get a gift worth giving. Valentines Day is a special holiday to go and celebrate relationships with the ones you love. No one on Kent State Universities campus knows this better than the Kent States Men’s Chorus whose annual event Valentunes has just passed by this holiday season.

It helped me solidify my decision to become a music major.

–Kirk Walker

If you are out of gift ideas here is one you might consider. For a low amount of ten dollars you can get a quartet of men to come and sing to your beloved in his or her own classroom. What better way to show how much you care for your valentine then to have him or her get serenaded in class by four barbershop quartet tuxedo-ed men. The Kent State’s Men’s chorus was out in force this valentine season in order to raise enough money to help them go and do the national anthem at an upcoming Cleveland Indians game. The event was a success with groups of tuxedo wearing men going door to door, classroom to classroom and even making YouTube videos to send to those loved ones who were far away. Each and every one got there valentine on time and appreciated it very much.


Vice President of Men’s Chorus Kirk Walker

So next Valentine’s Day if your ever stumped for a present or a great idea to surprise your valentine. If you think its to late to get your loved one a gift or think it is impossible to get it all done in one night. Look up to see when the men’s chorus is accepting offers for Valentunes and make it a moment your valentine will never forget.  

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