TeleProductions Training Sessions

TeleProductions Training Sessions


Anchor Lead: TeleProduction’s training sessions are used to help students gain knowledge for aspiring professional’s in the field here is Jamie Dillon with the story.

Mark Warzinski, Production Manager at Kent State’s Teleproductions has been there for sixteen years and holds training sessions from 2-5 to get the students hands on experience in the field. Warzinski said the training sessions have been going on back to when he was at Kent State.

Interview: “Yeah the training sessions at TeleProductions have been going on for a long time. I actually came to the sessions when I was a student at Kent State. So what we do is we train students every Friday from 2-5 in the studio in the Music and Speech Center. We teach students on the equipment that we use and the procedures that we use to get them to come work”,

We are in the TeleProduction studio where training sessions are held from 2-5 each Friday. Students get the opportunity to work hands on with professionals.

Students get the chance to work closely with professionals. Freshman, Jon Cibella knew he wanted to get involved with video and work with TeleProductions.

“I knew I wanted to get into video and film and it sounded like it was something for me, came here gave it a shot and love it”

TeleProduction’s at Kent State current has 20-25 students and continue to look to grow. Training sessions continue to provide them help with what they are doing before becoming professionals in the field. For Kent’s TV2 I am Jamie Dillon.

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