Studio Showcases Technology

Studio Showcases Technology

The Student Multimedia Studio in Kent State’ university library is no newbie to media attention. For the past 2 years the studio has gained media attention for 3D printing, but now popularity has hit an all-time. Student workers are learning how to deal with the flux. Reporter Rachel Godin has the story.

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Inside Kent State University’s Student Multimedia Studio, 3D printing is receiving more attention than ever before. 3D printing is changing the way many architecture, theater design, fashion and education students are learning and turning in projects.

Just this semester the studio has received 260 student projects.
Over summer 2014 the studio received only 87 student projects, 3x less what the receive now. This time last year they had received only 154 projects by the end of the semester, a decrease of 168%.

Stephanie Mote is a student consultant at the studio and regularly 3D prints for students. Lately, her job  is requiring much more than before but she said she didn’t mind.

“It’s made the job at the multimedia studio a little more diverse. We’re not just working with sort of ethereal technology now. We’re giving them a physical object back that they can hold.”

Communications major Lawrence Walker is a regular at the studio and often has his projects printed. He has noticed a rise in busyness and traffic in the studio specifically due to curiosity in the 3D printer

“I see a lot of people get great benefits out of it. It’s cool that you can literally print whatever you want to.”

It’s student employees like Stephanie who keep KSU’s 3D printing under control. These employees make sure every student who submits a project receives their project or a consultation discussing 3d problems.

Printing is absolutely free to students and consultants are available in studio to help students understand 3D printing technologies so they too can be a part of this technological step forward.


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