Students Looking to Vote

Students Looking to Vote

Anchor Intro: We are just one year away from having a new president and the faces of the candidates are starting to show. Many candidates are looking to the newest generation of voters to get them to Pennsylvania Avenue


The 2016 election season is upon us and candidates are out rallying for the millennial vote.

millennial are people born between 1981 and 1997. They are the largest growing voting population according to Beneson Strategy group making them the focus for many presidential candidates.

74% of millennial say they will vote in the next election. Kent State University Freshman John Ceibella thinks voting is important for millennials to get involved in.

“We are the youth of America and we should be concererned with what’s going on as it effects our future,” Ceibella said.

Hillary Clinton has announced that she will focus her attention to younger voters in swings states like Ohio. Ohio has been pivotal in the last three elections with no President elect getting into office without it.

When talking to a few Kent State Students many did not know any candidate was running and the few that did could only name Hillary Clinton. She currently is the favorite to win the nomination for the Democrats, while the Republican race is more tightly distributed.

According to adweek, 90% of people 18-35 get their news from the Internet while 33% want their information as fast as possible even if the information isn’t always accurate.




SCRIPT: The race for the white house in 2016 has started with candidates announcing their run for the presidency. For many of the millennials at Kent State this will be their first time voting in a presidential election. But what do they know about these presidential prospects?

“I don’t”

“Hillary Clinton…..Right?”

“All I know is Hillary Clinton announced she was running”

“Clinton, Jeb Bush, Rand paul… That’s all I know right now”

Stand Up: According to a poll done by the Beneson strategy group 74% of people age 18-35 will vote in the next election making millenials key to any candidate winning the 2016 election. So how do the candidates rank currently.

Hilary Clinton is the current front-runner and only announced candidate for the democratic party. For the GOP, Jeb Bush is ranked highest among millenials, however, he hasn’t announced he is running yet. That makes Rand Paul the current leader for the GOP. Kent State Student Sophia Siddel tells whom she is voting for in 2016.
I actually liked bill Clinton, so I liked her as a Vice President”

According to adweek 33% of Millennials would rather get their information fast   even if it’s occasionally innacurate. Elizabeth Nicklas thinks that being informed is the most important part to picking the right president.

“As long as they do a good job that should be why you vote for somebody”

When it comes time to vote in 2016 make informed decision on who your voting for or you may not be happy with the results. For TV2 news I’m Raymond Allan

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