Students find niche

Students find niche

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Culture shock.

It’s real, and it happens.

When International students try to find their way here at Kent State, it can be a challenge for some.

Sure you’ll have those lively well-spoken exchange students with a strong grasp of the English language who are extremely personable, but some of these students haven’t spoken a word of English in their life.

So how are these students expected to acclimate to the community and student body? By getting out there.

The university and those at The Office of Global Education have taken steps to assist in the acclimation process.

The cultural cafés, which feature foods from around the world, along with other small social gatherings the Global Office coordinates, help to break the ice for many.

I spoke with Tasha McDonnell, an exchange student from Liverpool, England to get her take on International Socials hosted by those at the Global Office, and what she has been doing to make friends.

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