Clyde Fights Back

Clyde Fights Back

The trickle down effect is proving to be true.
Reporter Rachel Godin has the story on how one state-wide issue
is being dealt with locally.


Women’s reproductive rights are making headlines and making waves.

Some of the most radical attacks on women’s reproductive rights are rolling out of the moderate state of Ohio,  but state representative Kathleen Clyde is pushing back with two acts she introduced this summer.

These bills ensure patients receive  the best possible care by taking politicians and bosses out of the doctors offices and pharmacies.

We’re talking about these summer bills today because is evident that Ohio Lawmakers are responding to and influencing the rise in discussion about women’s rights even on a local level.

For example, KSU is implementing many new programs to educate and combat inequality right now.

Clyde’s bills will leave decisions to patients and ensure that no corporation or CEO gets in the way of an individual receiving adequate healthcare.

I’m standing in front of Merrill Hall, where  Dr. Susanna Holt, professor and director of women studies at kent state, lauded Clyde’s legislative achievements and pointed out the importance of having a female perspective on a topic that is so intrinsic to women.

Susanna: “Missing components in most public conversations is a woman’s voice and I think that most of the directions we head as a culture come down to a kind of conversation. And if there is no woman’s voice that is speaking her truths with conviction and care the conversation is not going to go right.”

Near and far, local and national.
This topic continues to spring up in popular conversation, in initiatives and on the ballots

For broadcast beat reporting, I’m Rachel Godin.



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