C.O.P.S improves safety

C.O.P.S improves safety

From Kent State University Police Department, cops is more than just another name for their job titles. It’s a way to keep the university safe.

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Policing is not just about arresting the bad guys or solving crimes, it is also about making the community feel at ease.

That is where Community Oriented Policing Services, or COPS, comes into play here at Kent State University.

Michquel Penn, the leader of COPS, says the service is here to let the university know that they are there for them.

And the Kent State Faculty agrees.

Kelly Shook, KentLINK Systems Coordinator, says the service has helped the library immensely.

Because of COPS, the library has implemented full time security and a safety checklist for each shift.

But along with it’s ups comes the program’s downs.

Penn says the department is working to make the service more active with the university.

For Broadcast Beat Reporting, I’m Tyler Trill.

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