Star Trek Chronicles

Star Trek Chronicles

Anchor Intro: Two times a week 30 students deviate from the norm and take on a unique kind of class. Since 2002, Mrs. West has been apart of the Star Trek class offered as an upper division JMC credit at Kent State University. A movie analysis course that truly steps to another planet, forcing students to conceptualize what they see on the screen. What exactly makes this class so unique? Reporter Jake Young has the story.


The school of Journalism and Mass Communication at Kent State University strides to offer courses that will prepare students for the realities of the real world.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, room 415 of Franklin Hall focuses on anything but reality.

Since 2002, JMC has offered a Star Trek class that serves as an upper division elective. Instructor Traci West is passionate about the subject, and applies that to her lectures.

“Basically any piece of popular culture is always a product of it’s time”

The class is based on movie analysis and forces students to narrow their critical thinking skills. Through a variety of essays and in class discussions, students are given the opportunity to display what they have learned.

Even though the class counts as an upper division JMC elective, Allie Johnson has a unique passion and saw Mrs. West’s course as a chance to relish.

“I do have this emotional connection to star trek…When I went home for spring break and talked about the class to my mom the conversations would last for hours.”

If Star Trek isn’t your cup of tea, Mrs. West also offers movie analysis classes that focus on monster movies as well as zombies.

Whatever your movie crazes consist of, odds are the school of Journalism and Mass Communication has you covered.




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