Spring Break Excites International Students

Spring Break Excites International Students


Anchor Intro: With Spring Break starting this week, what will happen to students who are unable to go home? TV2’s Lauren Stebelton tells us more.

NAT SOUND: Campus Loop Bus

Seeing the Campus Loop bus come down the road is an exciting feeling in the cold winter months, but now a new feeling has emerged. As the snow melts and the sun shines on Kent State’s campus, students might catch the Spring fever. With Spring Break right around the corner, residence hall students are packing up their things to move back home for a week-long vacation. But not all of the University’s residents have this opportunity.

Meet Devanshi Mehda, an international student from Mumbai, India, who won’t be going home until December. After the Pre-Med major finishes up her midterm exams, she will be spending the break with international friends with the same situation. Even though she says she misses home and family, she has her culture and her god, Ganesha to help her through this experience.

Devanshi Mehda SUB. SOT:
“Most of my friends still don’t know that I’m in the US, you know, they’re like, still in shock that like, ‘How did you go there?’ They’re like, ‘I’m here for summer school’, I’m like ‘No, I’m gonna stay here.'”

“With Kent State’s bipolar temperature, with snow still on the ground, what’s happening to Kent State’s international students who are going off campus for Spring Break?”

NAT Sound: Jackie playing piano

For Psych Pre-Med major Jackie Torto, silence isn’t golden. She says after her exams are finished and campus is empty, she will travel to Drury University in Missouri to visit a friend; a friend Torto has known almost all her life. The two grew up in Qatar together, classmates of a British school in the Middle East.

Jackie Torto SUB. SOT: “If someone time traveled to tell me that, ‘Hey, you’d be doing this’, I’d be like, ‘No I wouldn’t, no I’m not doing this’, but then I ended up doing it, because I’m really family-oriented. I don’t like leaving family behind, but then I think of this as an adventure, and I’m like, really glad I did this.”

For these international students, Spring Break may be an incredible journey. For TV2 KSU, I’m Lauren Stebelton.

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