Inside of The MuseLab

Inside of The MuseLab



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Considering the vast size of the Kent State University campus students have a wide range of choices when it comes to majors. Some students spend their time designing and laying out museum exhibits. Jake Young has the story…

Walking through Riesman Plaza every day, who knew that there was fireplace on the third floor of the library? But is that a fireplace at all?

Back in 2013 the School of Library and Information Sciences unveiled something that not too many other schools around the country can boast: a MuseLab

Cori Iannaggi, the Muse Lab manager over looks what goes on in the Lab and how classroom content is applied?

Iannaggi quote: “ We encourage students to come in here and get hands on experience because the current museum studies program is pretty much 100% online so this is a really good chance to put what you learned into practice.”

Jake quote, “Open for just over one year here at Kent State the MuseLab gives students an opportunity to both create and prototype exhibits.”

After taking one of the few seminar classes that meets face-to-face within the museum studies, students have he opportunity to use their skills on exhibit design outcomes.

The MuseLab draws interest from people who like to think outside the box and bring their creativity to the forefront of their design.

Graduate student Gretchen Quinn, says there is nothing quite as satisfying as finishing up on an exhibit.

Quinn quote, “Just learning about the concepts, working with the public, and presenting information in a unique and interesting way. So that is why I think MuseLab is so great because it’s an opportunity to create an exhibit start to finish and see your hard-work come together and the information can be presented to the public.”

While the fireplace may not be real, museum studies student’s hope of one day designing an exhibit from start to finish for a big time museum.

For TV2 KSU, I’m Jake Young…

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