SNL Spinoff Raises Money

SNL Spinoff Raises Money

Anchor Intro:  A week after Saturday Night Live aired their 40 year anniversary, the Kent State Tri Sigma sorority brought Saturday night live to Kent. Member of Kent state’s Greek life performed skits to raise money for the Tri Sigma foundation. The sisters of raised 16 thousand dollars to donate.


(Objective Track) A week after the 40 year anniversary of Saturday Night Live. The sisters of Tri-Sigma decided to bring the Saturday Night Live action here to Kent.

As all of greek life came out to perfume skits and share quite a few laughs. Most Importantly they came out to help support and raise money for the Tri-Sigma foundation.

(Katie Kimble interview)

(Stand up) The Tri-Sigma foundation has awarded nearly Three Million Dollars in grants to help sisters pay for school.

How they do that..

The ladies donate money for play therapy through its Robbie Paige Memorial fund. Every chapter meeting you can find a job like this one.

(Objective Track) What is play therapy? Therapeutic play, helps emotionally disturbed children express their feelings through play.

Children along with therapists and volunteers act out the children fantasies in hospitals to decrease stress and anxiety. While teaching them to accept and understand their disease so they can develop.

(Interview Taylor Laston)

(Objective Close)

The Tri-sigma foundation national goal for the year is to raise $687,000, and are currently at a little over $350,000.

As for the $16,000 raised by the Kent State chapter they plan to use it for new hospital equipment.

For Tv2 KSU, I’m Ty Sugick.

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