The Thread of the Show

The Thread of the Show

Anchor lead: It takes a lot of work to put together costumes for a production, let alone nine different productions in a year. Reporter Raven Fulton has story.


NAT: Sewing Machine

This is the Kent State Theatre’s Costume Shop, where the seams are brought together to bring a character to life.


Robin Ruth, the costume shop supervisor for the Kent State theatre and Porthouse Theatre, has been here for 24 years, supervising the technical side of the shop. She feels as though some people don’t really understand the work that is put into creating the costumes.


STAND UP: With one show down and two more shows to go this semester, the costume shop is like Santa’s workshop. With the managers, the student workers and designers, they’re like elf’s. Working all year long to help productions come to life.


Graduate assistants, Carrie and Susan, each play just one of the roles it takes to keep the costume shop threaded together.


The Kent State’s Theatre’s Costume Shop, never quite stops.  But as the productions keep coming and they keep sewing. They will continue to put quality work on stage.

For TV2 KSU, I’m Raven Fulton.

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