Research Based Education

Research Based Education

Anchor: Graduate students at Kent State University conduct research to improve the education system. Broadcast Beat Reporter Gabrielle Payne visited the psychology department to find out more.


From the earliest stages of life, students are taught the importance of processing information. As they grow older, they develop more and more cognitive skills to aid in learning. By the time students reach college graduation, have they maximized their full potential?

The Psychology Department of Kent State is focused on researching how students most effectively learn.

Psychology student Hanna Herc is currently working on a cognitive research study involving fractions. I observed the experiment first hand. An eye tracker followed my vision to determine how I was processing the information displayed.

“Our study is looking at different ways that we can teach children fractions in order to better translate that into adulthood.”

Many Kent State students take classes that require them to participate in research studies across campus. But what exactly are these psychology tests for, and where does the information go once its been recorded?

Educational psychology grad student Patrick Cravalho conducts his research on both students and children in schools.

“It’s really important to do rigorous research if you’re going to use it to inform how we’re teaching children.”

He says he hopes in the future, there will be a stronger connection between researchers and instructional teaching so that students will maximize their learning skills.

For Broadcast Beat Reporting, I’m Gabrielle Payne.


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