Scanner Takes Measurements

Scanner Takes Measurements

 Kent State University’s Fashion School houses a new machine that takes measurements without measuring tape.


“Welcome to the most advanced technology in 3-D Body Scanning.”

Meet the 3-D Body scanner housed in Rockwell Hall. According to the Tech Style Lab General Manager, Kevin Wolfgang, the scanner has been in Rockwell Hall for 3 years.

“16 Xbox Connect Cameras. They fire off in succession and so there is 4 in each corner. There are 16 pictures that are taken and it stitches the 16 pictures together to come up with a 3-dimensional digital image, but also a series of measurements off that image.”

“Place your feet as shown by the footprints on the floor and grip the hand holds.  Look straight ahead and lift your chin slightly. When you  are ready to start your scan, press the button on the right hand hold with your thumb.”

The scanner takes measurements of the whole body. It not only measures your waist, but also your stomach, arms and calves.

Outside of the body scanner being used for Fashion Design major, the body scanner is used for other things as well.

“There is all sorts of things you can do with it. It’s just a data collector. Once you collect that data, its up to the user to go, “Ok this is how I can use it.” It can be used for fitness, it can be used for fashion, it can be used for art, it could be used for all sorts of things. It depends on the person who is going to engage the equipment.”

For TV2 KSU, I’m Portia Booker.


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