Feke’s Busy Life

Feke’s Busy Life

Anchor Intro: TV2 General Manager is not an easy task to do, let alone being a full-time student. Vivian Feke, works hard both for the station and in the classroom here’s Jamie Dillon with the story.


Meet General Manager at TV2 and full-time Student Vivian Feke, who likes to work behind the scene’s of the station.

“But, working in the control room is nice because you get to be right by the director with all the sound board, audio board and the Kyron which is the graphics machine and video”.

Whether Feke is in the control room, behind the camera, or up here as a news anchor she was one more important job as a student which is being a full-time student. What does the future hold for Feke? Will she follow her career as a news anchor or follow her other major of Criminology?

Some may wonder when Feke has time to do homework along with the responsibilities of the station.

“I pretty much do homework when I have free time which isn’t a lot, but normally designate Saturdays or Sundays. Sundays I do homework. I have some nights during the week to do homework if I have any energy. I normally do homework all day Sunday.”

Feke works hard both in the classroom and for the station, keeping the station in line is no easy task, Let alone for a college student. For Kent State’s TV2 I am Jamie Dillon.

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