Saint Patrick’s Day Isn’t So Safe

Saint Patrick’s Day Isn’t So Safe

Local Police believe Saint Patrick’s Day in Kent is widely-known as one of the more “dangerous” holidays of the year yet students are becoming less aware of the dangers associated with the holiday.

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“Of course I’m going out on Saint Patty’s day with my friends drinking,” Said Kent State student Carly Swope.

With 97 percent of the population planning to celebrate Saint Patricks day, students should be more aware of the dangers.

The difference is in the statistics. Alcohol-impaired driving accounted for 31 percent of total vehicle traffic fatalities in 2011. With the nationally known, “drinking” holiday approaching the concern over drinking and driving is increased.

Local police force will utilize more of their officers during the holiday to ensure the safety of the city; this means a higher number of arrests. Not only is Kent using an increased number of patrolling police officers, the State of Ohio is increasing the number D.U.I polls.

“There’s a lot of drinking on Saint Patty’s day. It’s known for partying it up and…your college kids need to be a little bit more responsible,”Said local Police Officer Tom Wasilewski.

Authorities said officers will be on look out for people leaving the bars and getting behind the wheel. According to Survey Analytics, over 50 percent of Americans plan to drink on Saint Patrick’s day.

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