Politickin with Devin

Politickin with Devin


Meet Junior Public Communications major at Kent State Devin Bates. Bates has a show Politickin with Devin can be heard on Sundays from 4-6 PM. Bates uses his show as an avenue for students to be creative and heard. Bates knows his show is different from the rest.
My show is just an avenue for anyone that is seeking to get out their creative spirit and also drop educational standpoint.

Devin captures Kent State’s attention with art and music. He has even featured artist Young Troubled Minds.

Meet Steve Hicks from Young Troubled Minds and what he had to say about what Bates does for his show.

He knows when to speak and when his guest to speak. He knows how impose his opinions without stepping on anyone else’s. He is just natural host and natural talker and that’s what you need for radio.

Bates will continue to grow Politickin with Devin in hope that it can let his voice be heard. For Kent State’s TV2 I am Jamie Dillon.

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