One Conference Helps Hundreds of Men

One Conference Helps Hundreds of Men

Kent State held their second annual M.A.L.E. Conference this past Saturday, March 8, in the Kent State Student Center inviting hundreds of young men to grow as men and young adults.  TV2’s Zach Harley looks at how this one day can change one man’s life.

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The M.A.L.E. Conference is specifically aimed at young men to attempt to mold them into responsible and caring adults.  Multiple speakers throughout the day came and went, taking time out of their schedule to try and steer these men in the right direction while they still can.

Be able to think outside the box so you can step outside the box – Desmond Howard

The day started around ten in the morning and ran until about six o’ clock in the evening having lunch in the middle of the day for the attendees.  Hundreds of people came to the event including football coaches with their players, middle school classes, and even troubled kids.  All of these different walks of life were all there for the same reason, to try to become better men and get set on the right path towards success.

One of the main speakers of the day was former Heisman Trophy winner and current ESPN college football analyst Desmond Howard who wanted his listeners to “be able to think outside the box so [they] could step outside the box” meaning; be different and don’t go the way everyone else is going, go your own way, and separate yourself from the pack.

The other main speaker the university set up for the day was life coach Tim Storey, who has many best selling books as well as helps out successful celebrities like Robert Downey Jr. and Kanye West.  Storey’s message was your goal has to be, to be successful, because if it’s not, you’re not really moving forward and that’s what this day was about.

At the end of the day many young men walked away from the conference feeling better about life and having a better outlook and grasp for what they want to do in life.  Some young men cheered and some even cried, but everyone was left better off because of it.


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