New Fashion Academy

New Fashion Academy

Fashion School opens week long summer program for high school students to learn about fashion.


Time to start them young. Rockwell hall will be seeing lots of high school students enrolled in the summer program. The program, The Summer Fashion School Academy, introduces high school students to the fashion industry.

The week long program is for high school students ages 16-18.

According to Marji Wachowiak, coordinator and staff at Kent State University, everything will be provided to the students during the week long program.

Students will be living in dorms during the summer. Registration began on March 15, 2015 and the deadline is May 17.

Marji will not be the only faculty member working this summer. Fashion Design student Devine Lamar is a student coordinator for the academy. He will assist Marji during the week and helps to hire other student coordinators.

The cost for the academy is $1500. For more information, visit


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