Exam Week Mayhem

Exam Week Mayhem

Anchor: Exam week can create difficulties for college students. Learning how to cope with it and over come struggles is essential during this period of your life. Nadia Assim has the story.


Student: Come to the library, it’s the best place!

Reporter: Exam week can create a lot of stress for college students. Not only studying for one test, but multiple at the same time requires a special set of skills.

Reporter: Here you see students in the Kent State University Library, preparing for upcoming exams and assignments. If you take a closer look you see a specific few students preparing for their exams.

Student 1: I feel like just trying to remember everything we learned in the semester, and then trying to separate each subject and devote enough attention to each subject before.

Student 2: I tend to study ahead more than I have in the past. Um, and I take breaks a lot.

Student 3: I portion out my time, make sure I have time for everything.

Reporter: Exam week is tough on the students, but if you create a system for yourself to prepare, it may become a lot less difficult.

Reporter: Professor Thom Yantek talks about exams and how he helps students through the stress.

Professor Yantek: You just have to try to, and it’s hard because students feel the pressure that is put on them from their parents and from society, but you just have to try to talk students through and assure them that nobody’s life is determined by one test or even one class. It might seem that way when you’re in the middle of a stressful class that’s particularly hard for you, but nobody’s life is ever determined that way.

Reporter: Exams are essential when it comes to most college courses, but remember to use your time wisely and no one exam will destroy your future.

Reporter: For TV2 KSU, this is Nadia Assim.

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