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Local Shopping Booming Close to Home and Around The Country

            Shopping locally has been around for hundreds of years however, The Main Street movement works on a national level to preserve historic districts around the country. One well-known Northeast Ohio town has been apart of The Main Street organization for over seven years. The small town of Medina is famously known for it’s small-town charm with the Medina Square located in the center of town on North Court Street, which runs through state route 42.

Main Street America works to revitalize downtown and neighborhood business districts by leveraging local assets – from historic, cultural, and architectural resources to local enterprises and community pride. Northeast Ohio towns such as Medina and Kent have been apart of this movement and seem to be very successful.

Executive Director of Main Street Medina Matt Wiederhold is passionate about all that the Medina Square has to offer, which includes 10 restaurants and bakery’s, 45 shops and boutiques, and four museums and attractions. There is truly something for every one to enjoy.

“The Main Street program was developed by the National Trust for a certain preservation. They wanted to create a model to save historic downtowns with the advent of the highway system and people moving out of larger cities they no longer had to shop in the local historic districts so they created this framework for community development and revitalization, Main Street Medina has been apart of the program since 2008, we started with 13 vacancy’s it’s been very strong and powerful tool for our community.” Said Wiederhold


Many people thoroughly enjoy local shopping, especially during the Holiday season when big department stores and malls become extremely crowded and may seem stressful to customers. For many, like young Medina resident, Kyle Daberri keeping the money within the community is important.

“Both of my parents are business owners, so I really like supporting the local businesses. It’s really fun seeing what the local businesses have and keeping the money here in Medina and supporting the local economy.” Said Daberri

With so many small and local businesses in a towns like Medina the money circulates and boosts the local economy.

Aside from the economic and historical benefits to local shopping and local dinning many people shop and dine local due to the compassion, personality, and friendliness that comes with it.

“What I love most and I would think is most important about shopping locally and dinning locally, people think if they go to a special boutique or local art gallery that they’re going to pay a lot more than the big box store and what they find is that the prices are very competitive if not below the big box stores, you also get better service, people know the customers and their names, so I walk into Honey Bee Bakery, Kenny says “Hey Matt good morning.” When you walk into a larger store you don’t get that kind of service.” Said Wiederhold

The many benefits to local shopping come full circle, especially for this year’s Holiday season.



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