KSU Models Advocate Nutrition

KSU Models Advocate Nutrition

Spring is the season for Kent State fashion shows and March is National Nutrition Month. How do these celebrations go hand in hand? TV2’s Lauren Buchanan has more.

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Students majoring in fashion design not only learn to create cloth masterpieces on a hanger; they also learn to make human masterpieces on paper and on Photo Shop.

This education was an expected shock for freshman fashion design major Paula Caleb.

Photo of Paul Caleb
Paula Caleb is a student in the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising

“We are just learning what we have to do to be successful in the industry,” Caleb expressed.

Several professional models are held to unrealistic standards. Some of these standards include being at least 5’8″ for women and at least 6’2″ for men and having a 22″ waist (That’s the average size of an eight year-old’s waist!). These two physical qualities together make the average professional model 15 pounds under their healthy weight according to BMI (Body Mass Index) charts.

“I’m really glad that the models here in the Fashion School don’t condone that [unhealthy weight loss] and they want us to be healthy” -Paula Caleb

March is actually National Nutrition Month and several student models in Kent State fashion shows are advocating a healthy lifestyle year round.

Kent State models have played hide and seek to find healthy foods on campus. Models also use the Recreation and Wellness Center as a resource for fitness classes, personal trainers, and an open exercise environment.

Sophomore communication studies major Jenna Cory became a Kent State model last year in the Modista Show and is preparing for the Annual Fashion Show in April. Her best advice to become as fit as a model was to be true to yourself.

Cory said, “Everyone is going to be pretty and you’re always going to be judging yourself and comparing yourself to the other ones. Just know that you are who you are and that’s the most important.”

Only 1% of us fall under perfect runway standards, but 100% of us have the potential to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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